pikachu is a yellow kitty from pokemon.pikachus bff is servine.pikachu loves pizza cat food chips and cookies.his other friends are mario luigi and sonic and patrat.he hates woobat so much its because hes annoying.


Best story :

  • Theme: Around The World
  • From 1/10/2011 to 1/01/2012
  • Judges: Pedroooyyy


melleo is just like mario but he,s pikachus nightmare he freaks out pikachu, and he follows pikachu, servine gets freak out too in pikachus the end of pikachu,s nightmare pikachu and servine fight with him in the dark or morning.they fight with him all day until its morning then malleo goes back where he was.pikachu and servine are safe.

pikachus favorite foodEdit


cat food



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